Avoid Zip Code Confusion

The Township is served by five post offices: New Hudson, South Lyon, Northville, Wixom, and Milford.
The U.S. Postal Service does not take municipal boundaries into consideration when deciding on zip code assignment.  Their primary use for zip codes is for the logistical purpose of delivering mail and so it is not unusual for communities, especially townships, to have multiple zip codes.  The unfortunate side effect to this situation is that residents and businesses are often confused about exactly where they are located.  Their "mailing address" does not reflect their physical location.  To add to the confusion is the use of a variety of GPS and phone map apps that utilize their own systems to identify locations.  

In an effort to help avoid this confusion, Lyon Township has had a map created that shows where the zip codes are located.  All areas in color are in Lyon Township.  The white area is the City of South Lyon.
Click here to view a map of the zip code areas and municipal boundaries.

This map is particularly helpful residents in Lyon Township who need to register for their Homestead after purchasing a new home or who want to register to vote. 

Click here to view the Zip Code Map.