All roads in Lyon Township are maintained by the Road Commission for Oakland County.

Road Commission for Oakland County
Department of Citizen Services
2420 Pontiac Lake Road
Waterford, MI 48328

(248) 858-4804
(877) 858-4804 (TOLL-FREE)
TDD: (248) 858-8005   

Important Q&A Regarding Roads

RCOC strives to provide the public with leadership in:
  • Safe and convenient roads
  • Sound financial management
  • Responsive and dependable service
  • Respect for the environment
  • Sensitivity to community concerns 

For more information about roundabouts and how to properly navigate them, visit this link.

If you've got a suggestion or a problem you think the road commission should know about, either call or fill out and submit the online form found at this link.

Please Note: If you're attempting to contact the road commission regarding an emergency road condition, please DO NOT use their online form.   If you view the situation as an emergency, please call the Department of Customer Services at (877) 858-4804 between 7:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. weekdays, or at
248-858-4895 after hours/weekends.

Road Commission workers constantly patrol for and repair potholes. Citizens and law enforcement agencies also alert them to specific problem areas in our community.

How can you help?
Large potholes, particularly if they are sharp-edged and could damage vehicles, should be reported for emergency response to the Department of Customer Services, 877-858-4804. Or, if you'd like - for Non-Emergency Situations Only - Report an Issue using their online form and let them  know where the problems are.

How to file a damage claim with the Road Commission

The road commission is responsible for maintaining the dust control program that helps to reduce dust on our local gravel roads.  The township contracts with the Road Commission by paying for additional treatments each year on certain gravel roads.   It is important to note that private roads are not included in the dust control program. 

Why is brine used to control dust?
Mineral-well brine is naturally occurring salt water that is pumped from the ground. When applied to gravel roads, the brine draws moisture from the air and ground, and the moisture helps to bind the materials in the road surface, reducing the amount of dust that becomes airborne and providing a better driving surface.

Road Commission Gravel Road Dust Control Schedule for 2018
Dust Control Application for Gravel Roads
Brochure on Gravel Roads

Informational video  on the brine used to treat the gravel roads in the summer to keep the dust down and  to combat ice in the winter. Calcium chloride is an active ingredient in brine.  
Treatment Schedule

While the No. 1 priority of the Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) is safety, the agency is also committed to several other goals, including congestion reduction, motorist convenience, protection of the environment and roadway aesthetics. In fact, RCOC is devoted to making its roadways as aesthetically pleasing as possible with the available funding.

Click on this link to view a list of the current RCOC road projects. Major projects are listed in alphabetical order. Smaller projects can be found in the following sections: concrete slab replacement, crack sealing, preservation overlays and spot resurfacing program. Other projects taking place in the county are done by MDOT or individual cities or villages and, therefore, are not listed on the Road Commission website.

To view previous construction project pages (2017-2018), please view our Completed Road Projects page.

Here are some important questions and answers from the Road Commission for Oakland County regarding roads in Oakland County township communities.  Additionally, a brochure addressing these questions and answers can also be found at this link.


ROADS & PROPERTY TAXES - Homeowners and businesses in Oakland County pay a lot of property taxes.  How much of those property taxes go to maintain and improve our roads?

ROAD PLANNING - Isn't the level of government closest to the people (township) best able to meet their needs?

ROAD PLANNING - Where can I find the RCOC Summary of the 2017 Strategic Planning Process?

NEW DEVELOPMENT - Doesn't all the development in Oakland County in recent decades generate a lot of money for the Road Commission?

NEW DEVELOPMENT - Why not make developers pave or widen roads when they put in new developments?

SUBDIVISION STREETS - How are subdivision streets in townships paved or repaved?

GRAVEL ROADS - Would it be more cost effective to simply pave all the gravel roads?

GRAVEL ROADS - What is involved in maintain a gravel road?

ROAD FUNDING - Where does RCOC get its funding?

ROAD FUNDING - As the price of gas has risen in recent years, has the gas tax generated more money?

ROAD FUNDING - Does the money RCOC receives for roads in townships subsidize roads in cities and villages?

ROAD FUNDING - Why don't townships receive funding for roads as do cities and villages?

ROAD FUNDING - How are road maintenance and improvement projects funded?

TOWNSHIP ROAD FUNDING - Why do townships have to provide matching funds on RCOC construction projects?

STATE ROAD FUNDING - Would township be better off if they received State road funding directly?

FEDERAL ROAD FUNDING - How is federal road funding dispersed within Oakland County?