Township Planners

Patrick Sloan
Township Planner


Brian Keesey
Township Planner

McKenna Associates

Patrick Sloan and Brian Keesey are the planners for Lyon Township. Patrick is generally at the Lyon Township Municipal Center on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and Brian is in on Monday and Wednsday afternoons. They can be reached by calling the Township at 248-437-2240. If you wish to arrange a time to meet with Patrick or Brian during theirTownship office hours, it is recommended that you call the Township first for information on making arrangements to ensure their availability.

Township Engineers

Civil Engineering Solutions, Inc.


Leslie Zawada
Township Engineer

Civil Engineering Solutions, Inc. assists Lyon Township with general engineering services, including: drainage issues, plan reviews, water and sewer locations, calculation of water and sewer connection fees, etc. If you wish to speak or meet with Leslie, please call the Township at 248-437-2240 for assistance.

Township Attorneys

Rosati, Schultz, Joppich, Amtsbuechler, PC
Rosata, Schultz, Joppich, Amtsbuechler, PC assists Lyon Township with legal matters, including general legal services, ordinances, and the prosecution of ordinance violations.

Carol Rosati is the lead counsel for the Township, handling the litigation, Township Board business, Planning, Zoning, and Prosecuting Attorney cases. Other attorneys handling Township business are Elizabeth Kudla Saarela, Lisa Anderson, and Charles Snell.

Carol Rosati

Township Attorney


Individuals who wish to contact the Township Attorney are requested to first contact the Township Supervisor at 248-437-2240.