Do you have an unused groundwater well on your property?

Unused and unplugged groundwater wells are one of the greatest threats of contamination to our local groundwater resource. Whether you obtain your drinking water from the Lyon Township Municipal Water Supply System or a private household well, groundwater is the only source of drinking water in Lyon Township.

The Lyon Township Wellhead Protection (WHP) Committee is working to assure Lyon Township residents and businesses a clean, safe, reliable, and secure drinking water source by promoting the protection of the resource through public awareness and education.

The committee is building an inventory of unused wells for future consideration for property abandonment to protect our valuable groundwater resource. There are no costs to consider at this time, and the Township is looking for future funding possibilities to assist with any potential costs with proper abandonment for unused wells. Help the WHP Committee in their quest to locate abandoned groundwater wells in Lyon Township. Please email or call Katherine Des Rochers at 248-437-2240, and Lyon Township will arrange to have a representative come and inspect the well.