Absentee Voting Application - August & November Elections

Our website now has the new Absentee Voter Application for the August 4th Primary Election and the November 3rd General Election.  The application can be found here.  

Please remember that you have to fill out an application for EVERY election to receive a ballot!  This particular application is a dual application, so if you select both elections at the top, this one application will get you ballots for both elections.

The Lyon Township Municipal Center is still not open to the public.  If you would like an absentee ballot through the mail, please fill out the above application and mail it to the office, place it in the office's drop box, or email it to the Clerk's Office.

Mailing Address and Drop Box Location*:

Lyon Township
58000 Grand River Avenue
New Hudson, MI  48165

*The drop box is located on the circle drive with the flagpole in the center.

Email addresses:

Michele Cash, Clerk - mcash@lyontwp.org
April Talaga, Deputy Clerk - atalaga@lyontwp.org
Deby Cothery, Clerk Assistant - dcothery@lyontwp.org