Important Announcement -  Lyon Township Building Dept - Residential and Commercial Construction Inspections to Resume May 7

Lyon Township Building Department
Building Official Announcement
May 4, 2020

Residential and commercial construction and inspections will resume on Thursday, May 7, 2020.

The office will remain closed to the public until further notice.

Permit Processing
For plan submittal and review, drop boxes will be placed outside the main entrance of our facility. All submittals must be fully enclosed in an envelope clearly marked with address or parcel number and a contact name and number. All documents must be clean and free from soil or stain of any kind. The plan review fee payment must be included. See the plan review fees schedule on the Lyon Township Website, Building Department, Permit Application, fee schedule.

For Ready to Issue Permits, when notified, you may drop payment in the drop box. Please ensure the address or parcel number are documented on the check and a contact name and number are on the envelope. We will notify you when the payment is processed and the permit is ready to pick up.

For Permit Pick Up, when notified, you may receive your permit from the pickup box located at the main entrance to our facility.

We are now scheduling inspection for Thursday, May 7th and beyond.

Covid-19 mitigation procedures will be strictly enforced. It is the responsibility of the contractor to ensure all required protocol are implemented and executed.   

Every job site contractor will identify a lead individual responsible for Covid-19 procedure enforcement.

Non occupied projects will be cleared from all trade’s personnel in the building or floor and one site foremen will accompany the inspector on the inspection. The inspector has the right to inform the site foreman to clear the floor or the building. If you do not comply, the inspector will not conduct the inspection.

Occupied projects will have the contractor meet the inspector on site and clear the building of all occupants or assemble them in one room or floor outside or the inspector’s path to the inspection area. The inspector will ask prior to entering the building if anyone is or has been sick or under quarantine. If the answer to any of the preceding questions is yes, the inspector will not conduct the inspection.

Although we have resumed construction and inspections, the virus is still active. Take every precaution for the safety of all individuals in the field and in the office.