Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is composed of 7 residents who are appointed by the Township Board. The Commission’s chief responsibility is to plan and guide the physical development of the Township.

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The Planning Commission accomplishes this task in part by preparing a Comprehensive Plan. This Plan tracks trends in land use, population, economics, transportation and other issues affecting development. A key element of the Plan is the Future Land Use Map, which specifies the planned use of land throughout the Township.

The Planning Commission is also responsible for preparing and maintaining the Zoning Ordinance, which is the main tool used to implement the Future Land Use Map. The Zoning Ordinance contains a Zoning Map which places every parcel of land into a zoning district. The Zoning Ordinance then specifies the regulations that apply to each district.

An important part of the Planning Commission’s work is review of development proposals. Site plans are often submitted for review, but the Planning Commission may also be called on to review special land use, subdivision, condominium, and rezoning proposals.

In recent years, much of the Planning Commission’s time has focused on Planned Developments. Planned Developments typically involve intense negotiations with substantial public input so as to achieve development regulations that preserve open space and provide significant public benefits.

In discharging their duties, the Planning Commission’s goal is to take a long-range view, and think about how the many pieces fit together to achieve the Township’s land use vision.

The Planning Commission generally meets on the 2nd  and 4th Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Township Hall.  Agendas and minutes for the Planning Commission can be found here.

For more information please contact Katherine Des Rochers, Planning Department Coordinator, at (248) 437-2240.

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