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Facade Improvement 
Property Rehabilitation Incentive Program (PRIP)

The Lyon Township Downtown Development Authority (DDA) has revised its property improvement incentive program.  The new and improved Property Rehabilitation Incentive Program (PRIP) has been designed to encourage and support private investment within the Lyon Township Downtown Development Authority District. The program's guidelines target assistance to improve projects that assist the DDA District in accomplishing the following objectives:

  • Reduce and/or eliminate undesirable uses or structures
  • Improve visual attributes of buildings, spaces, and landscapes
  • Eliminate blight
  • Foster job retention/creation
  • Implement the Lyon Center Vision Plan
  • Promote the increase of long term property values

A targeted incentive program to spur revitalization and reinvestment in the Lyon DDA District will result in a more attractive district greatly complementing the goals of the Master Plan, Lyon Center Vision Plan, and the Township's ongoing economic development efforts.  The PRIP guidelines and application can be found below.

PRIP Guidelines | PRIP Application