Problem Contact List

Contact the Lyon Township Zoning Enforcement Officer at 248-437-2240 or via email with questions or concerns regarding:

  • Signs, including business identification, entryway, sale or lease, garage sale, open house, and grand opening
  • Fences
  • Weeds and unmowed lawns
  • Dumpster or storage concerns
  • Litter and storage of trash receptacles
  • Inoperable, scrap, or unlicensed vehicles (on private property)
  • Commercial vehicles parked in residential areas (on private property)
  • Zoning violations
  • Home occupations
  • Recreational vehicle storage
  • Public sidewalk repair and snow removal
  • Outdoor storage of appliances, household furnishings, or fixtures
  • Excessive pets (more than 3 dogs or cats in a dwelling)
  • Failure to pick up animal waste
  • Soil erosion and runoff
  • Open or unsafe structures

Contact your Homeowner's Association with concerns regarding:

  • Subdivision Deed Restrictions or Condominium Master Deed Restrictions
  • Landscape maintenance (other than lawns and weeds over 8")
  • Maintenance of private roads and common areas

Contact the Oakland County Sheriff Office at 248-437-5600 (general line) or 248-858-4950 (non-emergency dispatch) with concerns regarding:

  • Traffic violations
  • Barking dogs
  • Repeatedly loose or dangerous animals (may also contact Animal Control at 248-391-4102)
  • Animal cruelty (may also contact Animal Control at 248-391-4102)
  • Inoperable, scrap, or unlicensed vehicles (on public property)
  • Dumping or littering
  • Noise complaints or after hours construction activity

Contact the Lyon Township Fire Department at 248-486-3775 with concerns regarding:

  • Disabled fire suppression or alarm systems
  • Blocked or locked emergency exits
  • Overcrowded venues

Contact the Road Commission for Oakland County at 877-858-4804 with concerns regarding:

  • Maintenance of public roads and traffic devices

Contact the Oakland County Health Department at 248-926-3300 with concerns regarding:

  • Restaurants
  • Wells and on-site sewage disposal systems (drain fields)
  • To report dead birds (typically crows, blue jays, or ravens) or if you have concerns regarding West Nile Virus, call 877-377-3641

Contact the Lyon Township Building Department at 248-437-2252 with concerns regarding:

  • Building Code violations
  • Unsafe buildings

Contact Lyon Township at 248-437-2240 with the following concerns regarding municipal sewer and water:

  • Billing, permits, and general issues
  • Sewer and water emergencies - contact Anthony Dowson at Highland Treatment at 248-889-1922.  If you leave a message, please leave your name, phone number, and address.  Also be sure to state you are from Lyon Township.

Contact the DEQ - Pollution Emergency Alerting System at 800-292-4706 (24-hour hotline) with concerns regarding: 

  • Odors or other problems with oil wells
  • Tanker accidents
  • Pipeline breaks
  • Release of reportable quantities of hazardous substances as required