Robert Seccombe

SeccombeDevelopment of the James F. Atchison Memorial Park was the brainchild of Robert J. Seccombe (1935 - 2016).  Where others saw a landfill, Bob was a true visionary who saw an opportunity to build a first class park for the citizens of Lyon Township.


Under Bob's leadership, BFI (the owner of the landfill), the State of Michigan, and the Township worked cooperatively, securing grants and private funding for a 130-acre park. Bob's leadership skills were evident throughout his life, beginning when he was a Boy Scout. He went on to become a sergeant during the Korean War, a Township Trustee for 16 years, and the Vice-President of a Fortune 500 Company. Bob served on multiple committees during his tenure on the Township Board, including the Oakland County Waste Management Committee, where his work assured the Township it would never have another landfill.

In his private life, Bob served as a Trustee for Michigan Christian College and was a member of the South Lyon Church of Christ. Due to his generous dedication to the community, Bob deserves credit for substantially improving the quality of life for all residents of Lyon Township.