Reflective Address Signs

Can we find you in an emergency?
How easily can someone find your home?  How about at night, or during inclement weather?  Imagine knowing that someone desperately needs emergency help, but rescuers have a difficult time locating the home because the address is not properly marked, or the property is partially hidden by trees or other buildings.  First Responders have all of the necessary equipment to provide help, but sometimes our biggest enemy is poorly marked addresses.

How can you help?
You can help us help you by making sure that your address numbers are displayed in a large, contrasting style, on your home AND on the street.  The Lyon Township Fire Department has a program to assist responders in finding homes more quickly.  The department sells Reflective Address Signs designed to be placed on the mailbox in front of your home. 
A reflective address sign is a potentially lifesaving addition to your home!

A request form can be found here.  Or, call 248-486-3775  to learn more.

Reflective Sign Image