Important Tips and Information

Please, do not obstruct manhold covers or curb stop lids.

Manhole Covers
This 24-inch round manhole cover (insert photo) serves an important purpose. If one is located in your yard, don’t cover it with land- scaping materials or mulch.   Maintenance personnel need to access the cover in order to perform a vari- ety of jobs related to your sewer or water distribution system. Covering the manhole cover could mean increased costs and even impede emergency situations.

Curb Stop Lids
This photo (insert photo) shows a four-inch round lid that covers a valve called a curb stop because it typically is found near the curb line, and, when closed, stops the flow of water into your home.
The valve is buried below the ground to protect it from freezing. This valve serves an important purpose. It is the main shut off to your water supply for repair or during an emergency situation. Please make sure this lid is free of debris, mulch or other landscaping materials. Damaging or bury- ing this lid could mean higher costs for you because it’s harder to locate, dig up and repair.

Help Stop Illegal Use of Fire Hydrants
In order to protect your drinking water, reduce water quality complaints and en- sure use for fire protection, only Fire, Police,  and  local Department of Public Works personnel are allowed use of the fire hydrant.   All other use of fire hydrants is illegal by local ordinance and enforced by local law enforcement agencies.

Hydrants that are used illegally may be damaged or may freeze causing the fire hydrant to be inoperable during an emergency. The water theft and the cost of the fire hydrant repairs will be charged to the water system, thus, potentially increasing water rates to all customers.

Please contact the Lyon Township Fire Department or Lyon Township office and provide ayour local Fire Depart- ment, Oakland County Sheriff sub-station or Lyon Township Water Dept.  and provide any available information (vehicle information, license plate number and/or company name) if you witness illegal fire hydrant use or any questionable water use.