How To Read Your Meter

Learn to Read Your Water Meter
Learning to read your water meter is easy. The first four digits on the water meter indicate how many hundred cubic feet are used.  We use these numbers to calculate your water bill. That’s all there is to it. The other dials and indicators perform other functions as explained before, but for reading your meter, all you have to do is check the numbers.

Meter Image   Meter Image 2

How You Can Tell if You Have a Leak
Water meters usually are found in basements and look similar to the picture above. The first four digits from the left on the water meter are used to calculate your water bill. These numbers represent the amount of water (in hundred cubic feet) used. You can check for leaks by first turning off all the water at sinks, bathtubs, garden hoses, and any other source. Next, examine the Leak Detector. If the Leak Detector is moving while all water in your house is turned off, you may have a leak. But, some leaks are slow and difficult to detect. Here’s a tip. At night, turn off all the water. Make a note of all the digits on the water meter and check the position of the Main Indicator Line.
If no water was run at night, there should be no movement in the digits or the main indicator line. Remember, however, that some residential humidifiers use a small amount of water and may impact the reading.

It is illegal to tamper with your water meter.