Water Leaks

Increased water usage in the warming months increases the possibility of outdoor water leaks.  Most common are irrigation leaks that can be hard to detect and most often are not discovered until a bill is received reflecting high usage.  Our department is frequently asked if the water bill can be adjusted due to an outdoor water leak.  

For any type of leak, once water has gone through the water meter, water billing cannot be adjusted.

We recommend if you are concerned about how much water your household is using that monitor your water usage.  This can be easily done by writing down all the numbers on your water meter before and after heavy water usage.  You can call our office with those numbers (248-437-2240), and we can give you an estimate of how many units of water you have used. 

Because our department only reads water meters every 3 months in conjunction with billing, if you keep a diary of your water meter reads and usage, you can track your usage and possibly determine a leak before you receive a high bill.

If you are interested in reducing your water usage, please visit our Conservation Tips page.