Fire Hydrant Use

Help Stop Illegal Use of Fire Hydrants

In order to protect your drinking water, reduce water quality complaints, and ensure available use for fire protection, only Fire, Police,  and  local Department of Public Works personnel are allowed use of the fire hydrant.   All other use of fire hydrants is illegal by local ordinance and enforced by local law enforcement agencies.

Hydrants that are used illegally may be damaged or may freeze, causing the fire hydrant to be inoperable during an emergency. The water theft and the cost of the fire hydrant repairs will be charged to the water system, thus potentially increasing water rates to all customers.

If you witness illegal fire hydrant use or any questionable water use, please contact one of the following:

Lyon Township Fire Department (248-486-2775)
Oakland County Sheriff Substation (248-437-5600)
Lyon Township Municipal Center (248-437-2240)

Please provide any available information (vehicle make/model, license plate number, and/or company name).