Please review the FAQ below or this brochure from the Road Commission for Oakland County.

Why don't townships receive funding for roads as do cities and villages?

How are road maintenance and improvement projects funded?

Would townships be better off if they received state road funding directly?

Isn't the level of government closest to the people (the township) best able to meet their needs?

Does the money RCOC receives for roads in townships subsidize roads in cities and villages?

Would it be more cost effective to simply pave all gravel roads?

What is involved in maintaining a gravel road?

How much property taxes go to maintain and improve our roads?

Doesn't all the development in Oakland County in recent decades generate a lot of money for RCOC?

Where does RCOC get its funding?

How is federal road funding dispersed within Oakland County?

As the price of gas has risen in recent years, has the Gas Tax generated more money?

Why do townships have to provide matching funds on RCOC construction projects?

Why not make developers pave or widen roads when they put in new developments?

Is Oakland County a "donor" county that does not get back 100% of the road funds it contributes to the state?