Zoning & Ordinance

A zoning ordinance is a township law establishing land development districts and regulating land development. In suburban and rural areas where the dominant intent of zoning is to protect the value and use of private residences;  zoning often focuses on segregating incompatible land uses. This objective is also common in other, more dense communities, but in recent years planning experts have moved away from primarily focusing on land use segregation and have, instead, returned to land use practices that were popular in the 19th century, such as mixing residential and commercial land uses to promote more walkable communities and fostering more social interaction. “New urbanism” emphasizes shared open spaces, homes built closer to sidewalks with alleys and smaller yards, and building apartment lofts above storefronts. Form-based codes are also growing in favor that focus on more on structure exteriors and arrangements and less on the activities within the building in denser communities. (Source: Michigan Township Association).  The New Hudson District has adopted a Form-based code.

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The intent of the Charter Township of Lyon's Code of Ordinances is to improve and protect the public health, safety, and general welfare of the residents of Lyon Township.  To further this intent, these Ordinances seek to:

  • Conserve property values
  • Protect areas from incompatible uses
  • Prevent blight and deterioration
  • Foster compatible relationships among different land users
  • Isolate and control unavoidable nuisance uses
  • Fix reasonable standards for all buildings, structures and uses
  • Prevent new construction or alteration of existing structures or uses that do not comply with Township Ordinances
  • Provide for the removal of existing structures or uses that do not comply with Township Ordinances
  • Control weeds
  • Protect the environment
  • Protect public infrastructure

Mark Snider, Zoning Enforcement Officer  - Email

The Zoning Enforcement Officer enforces the Charter Township of Lyon's Code of Ordinances to help preserve and protect the residents and businesses in the Township.  These ordinances include chapters and sections on zoning, blight, nuisances, noise, property maintenance, sidewalks and pathways, and weeds.  

If you have questions regarding issues that fall outside of the Zoning Enforcement Officer's responsibilities, please refer to our Problem Contact List. If you are in doubt about who you should contact, please contact the Zoning Enforcement Officer for assistance. 

Contact the Lyon Township Zoning Enforcement Officer at 248-437-2240 or via email with questions or concerns regarding:

  • Signs, including business identification, entryway, sale or lease, garage sale, open house, and grand opening
  • Fences
  • Weeds and unmowed lawns
  • Dumpster or storage concerns
  • Litter and storage of trash receptacles
  • Inoperable, scrap, or unlicensed vehicles (on private property)
  • Commercial vehicles parked in residential areas (on private property)
  • Zoning violations
  • Home occupations
  • Recreational vehicle storage
  • Public sidewalk repair and snow removal
  • Outdoor storage of appliances, household furnishings, or fixtures
  • Excessive pets (more than 3 dogs or cats in a dwelling)
  • Failure to pick up animal waste
  • Soil erosion and runoff
  • Open or unsafe structures

Contact your Homeowner's Association with concerns regarding:

  • Subdivision Deed Restrictions or Condominium Master Deed Restrictions
  • Landscape maintenance (other than lawns and weeds over 8")
  • Maintenance of private roads and common areas

Contact the Oakland County Sheriff Office at 248-437-5600 (general line) or 248-858-4950 (non-emergency dispatch) with concerns regarding:

  • Traffic violations
  • Barking dogs
  • Repeatedly loose or dangerous animals (may also contact Animal Control at 248-391-4102)
  • Animal cruelty (may also contact Animal Control at 248-391-4102)
  • Inoperable, scrap, or unlicensed vehicles (on public property)
  • Dumping or littering
  • Noise complaints or after hours construction activity

Contact the Lyon Township Fire Department at 248-486-3775 with concerns regarding:

  • Disabled fire suppression or alarm systems
  • Blocked or locked emergency exits
  • Overcrowded venues
  • Open burn permits

Contact the Road Commission for Oakland County at 877-858-4804 with concerns regarding:

  • Maintenance of public roads and traffic devices

Contact the Oakland County Health Department at 248-926-3300 with concerns regarding:

  • Restaurants
  • Wells and on-site sewage disposal systems (drainfields)
  • To report dead birds (typically crows, blue jays, or ravens) or if you have concerns regarding West Nile Virus, call 877-377-3641

Contact the Lyon Township Building Department at 248-437-2252 with concerns regarding:

  • Building Code violations
  • Unsafe buildings

Contact Lyon Township at 248-437-2240 with the following concerns regarding municipal sewer and water:

  • Billing, permits, and general issues
  • Sewer and water emergencies - contact Anthony Dowson at Highland Treatment at 248-889-1922.  If you leave a message, please leave your name, phone number, and address.  Also be sure to state you are from Lyon Township.

Contact the DEQ - Pollution Emergency Alerting System at 800-292-4706 (24-hour hotline) with concerns regarding:

  • Odors or other problems with oil wells
  • Tanker accidents
  • Pipeline breaks
  • Release of reportable quantities of hazardous substances as required