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Board SynopsesNo documents

Notices of Adoption9 documents

  • Ordinance No 09-20
    document _recordid 1058
    Design and Construction Standards
  • Ordinance No 08-20
    document _recordid 1034
    Private Roads
  • Ordinance No 07-20
    document _recordid 1033
    Streets, Roads, and Other Means of Access
  • Ordinance No 06-20
    document _recordid 1032
    Sign Ordinance
  • Ordinance No 05-20
    document _recordid 1019
    Roof-Mounted Solar Energy Systems
  • Ordinance No 04-20
    document _recordid 1018
    Minimum Lot Size in the New Hudson Zoning District
  • Ordinance No 01-20
    document _recordid 975
    Parallel Plans
  • Ordinance No 12-19
    document _recordid 972
    Rezoning Sign Requirements
  • Ordinance No 11-19
    document _recordid 970
    Builder's Cash Deposit

Resolutions1 document

  • Resolution No. 2020-06
    document _recordid 979
    Extension of Moratorium on the Issuance of Approvals or Permits for Off-Premises Advertising Signs