Clerk's Office

Lyon Township Clerk's Office

58000 Grand River Avenue
New Hudson, MI 48165
Phone: 248-437-2240
Fax: 248-437-2336

Michele Cash
Township Clerk
April Talaga
Deputy Clerk
Deby Cothery
Clerk's Assistant

The Clerk is the official custodian of Township records, books and documents such as oaths, bonds, ordinances, and resolutions. The Clerk is also responsible for producing and keeping minutes for the Township Board of Trustees meetings.

Role of the Township Clerk is to maintain custody of all township records, general ledger, prepare warrants for township checks, record and maintain township meeting minutes, keep the township book of oaths, publish special meeting notices, keep voter registration files and conduct elections, maintain cemetery records, deliver tax certificates to supervior and county clerk, and must appoint a deputy.

Township clerks are certified by the State of Michigan under the Election Officials’ Accreditation Program mandated by Michigan election law to maintain voter registration records for their township, and are responsible for administering all federal, state, county, township and, in some cases, village elections. Township clerks who have a school district wholly contained within their township are also responsible for the administration of the school district’s elections. Election administration consists of receiving nominating petitions and Affidavits of Identity, managing voter registration files, tranferring voter registrations in compliance with federal and state record keeping requirements, administering absentee voting, handling recounts, conduting special recall elections, posting and publishing state-required election notices.

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