Cemetery Information

Lyon Township has four cemeteries with one in operation.  For information on cemetery plots and to view a map of available sites, please contact the Township Clerk's Office at 248-437-2240.

Sexton (Caretaker) services which include grave sales, burials, and maintenance is performed by:

Huron Cemetery Maintenance
Michael Willenberg
764 N. Milford Road, P.O. Box 112
Highland MI 48357
Office 248-887-6700
Fax 248-887-4487

2021 Price Guide

New Hudson Cemetery is located on the west side of Milford Road, north of Grand River Avenue.

Kent Lake Cemetery is located on Grand River Avenue, west of Kent Lake Road.

Rose or Bullard Cemetery is located on Eleven Mile Road, east of Martindale.

Everett Cemetery is located on Nine Mile Road and Chubb Road.