Wellhead Protection Program

Mission Statement

To assure Lyon Township residents and businesses a clean, safe, reliable, and secure drinking water source by promoting the protection of the resource through public awareness.


What is a Wellhead Protection Program?

The purpose of the Lyon Township Wellhead Protection Program (WHPP) is to protect the public water supply systems (PWSS), which use groundwater, from potential sources of contamination.

Groundwater is water that is located beneath the surface of the earth and completely fills the pore spaces between soil particles. Groundwater recharges through infiltration of water from rain and snow at the surface.

An aquifer is an underground layer of rock or sediment that contains enough water in its pore spaces to supply a well.

Lyon Township groundwater is derived from eight wells installed at four different locations. The wells range in depth from 197 to 265 feet deep and are set in sand and gravel aquifers.