Liquor Licenses

Liquor Licenses in Lyon Township

Business owners interested in applying for a  Michigan Liquor License should visit the Michigan Liquor Control Commission website to begin the licensing process.   


Class C and Tavern licenses are a part of a quota system in Michigan and based on the population of a community as recorded in the National Census that occurs every ten years.  The State will assign a single license for every 1, 500 people based on the incremental increase in population from one census to the next.  In 2010, the population for Lyon Township was 14,545.  In 2020, we expect that population to be around 20,000, or an increase of 5,455 persons.  Once the census data is finalized in 2021, we expect the MLCC to assign 3 more licenses to our quota.

Important Note:  The township issued it's last liquor license in February 2019.  Anyone interested in obtaining a license prior to the 2020 census will need to search for a license currently in escrow and available to purchase.  To search for licenses, visit this MLCC link.  As Lyon Township is located in Oakland County, you must search for licenses in escrow for Oakland County.  The state only permits transfers of licenses within the county the business is operating in. 

** As part of the approval process through the State, applicants will need to receive Local Government Approval (LGU) from the Township.  The Township has its own Liquor License Application that will need to be submitted to the Clerk's office.  The application can be found at this link.

Click on this easy to read Approval Chart to know whether or not local government approval or local law enforcement approval is needed for the license you are looking to obtain. 

For questions regarding Lyon Township's liquor license application, please contact the Clerk's office at 248-437-2240.